Monday, October 4, 2010

Comfort Kit for a Foster Child

I do a few blogs in additin to this one. One of them is about healing from abuse and such. While looking at my stats I noticed that someone had search for a Comfort Kit for a Foster Child. I had blogged on that site about different "comfort kits", but never throught about one for a foster child.

Now, I've never done a comfort kit for a foster child, but I have a few ideas.

1) Photo album: When we had our first foster son (Ben) he had an older sister who practically raised him. She had a hard time being away from him. We had a few visits with her and got pictures of them together. Just before he left (he was adopted by another 1/2 sister of his) this sister had a birthday. So as her "birthday present" I got a cheap little photo album at Wal-Mart and printed off a bunch of pictures of my foster son and the picture I had of them together. She LOVED it. I hear that it is still her prized possession today, I could be wrong, but I've heard that.

2) Blanket: Depending on your situation, as I know they are all very much different.... But when our daughter's birth mom decided to relinquish I made my daughter and her birth mom matching blankets. My daughter is too young to grasp, but her birth mom LOVES her. (This is the poem I wrote that goes with it.) I also just found this article.

3) Items from home: Talk to your caseworker, or even your foster child to find out if there is something that will help them. Maybe their favorite stuffed animal or blanket is at their parents house and you can see if they will bring it to a visit or to your caseworker. Maybe pictures of the child's parents, their friends, anything to help them feel still connected to the only life they have know.

Now I don't know if this will help in anyway for a comfort kit, but I made my daughter a story book as to how she came into our lives, how much we and her birth mom love her and other things I want her to know. (Her book is here, and her little brother's is here) I have more "Birth Parent Gift Ideas here.

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