Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby's Adoption Story

I was feeling stuck when it came to writing Baby #2's adoption story. I don't know what it is but with both his and Emma's it just all of a sudden came to me. So this is what I have. I have to wait until he is actually born to put his together. I'm a very impatient person so it's hard to have to wait another 6 1/2 months, but I will live!

1) Once upon a time there was a mommy and daddy. (a family picture)

2) The mommy and daddy could not have children of their own so they did foster care to take care of other children. (us with each of our previous foster kids)

3) The mommy and daddy were asked to take care a baby girl named Emma. They loved Emma very much and ended up adopting her. (pic of Emma)

4) Emma's birth mom S also loved her very much and she loved the mommy and daddy very much too! (still need to get a picture of hubby, me, Emma and birth mom)

5) One day S found out that she was going to have another baby. (ultrasound picture of baby)

6) Even through S loved the baby very very much she wanted the baby to have the best life possible. (S pregnant with baby)

7) S knew it would be best if the mommy and daddy also adopted the baby that was growing in her tummy. (S and baby after he is born)

8) The mommy and daddy were very excited to get another baby to love. (S handing us baby)

9) Emma got to become a big sister too. (Emma and baby)

10) The mommy and daddy got to be there when the baby was born. (us with baby)

11) They named their new little baby boy ...(newborn pic of baby)

12) The mommy made S and Payson matching blankets to remind Payson how much S loves him. (S and Payson with their blankets, I already know what material I'm gonna use it's blue with puppies on it!)

13) And the new family lived happily Forever After.
The End (new family picture)

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