Sunday, June 27, 2010

Birth Parent Gift

We were to have our final visit with Emma's mom on Thursday, but she didn't show up! Our caseworker is giving her one more chance for a final visit and if she doesn't show then oh well. I'm more fearful that she won't show for Emma's sake. I have been banking on this visit for pictures of them together and info I want for Emma. Well, I was up until 3 AM the morning of the visit making sure everything was ready. We are giving her a framed 8x10 picture of Emma, a CD of all pictures I've taken of Emma in the time we've had her, the CD of songs I mentioned before, a Thank you card, and the matching blankets. I came up with this little poem type thing for the blanket-

This Blanket was
made just for you
& I have a
matching one too

So when you snuggle
up with your's
I'll snuggle up
with mine
It will remind me
how much you love me

So when you see
your blanket, think
of me & I'll think of you.

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McCall said...

I like the idea for a blanket. With our little girl we did bracelets. Ryan got a baby one and then there is another big one for me and the birth mom. I'll give Ryan that bracelet when she's bigger. Boys are harder though. With our boy we did a necklace for the mom and then made a tie pin with the same charm for him. I also go a necklace to match. That way one day if he wants it, or loses his, there is another.