Thursday, June 24, 2010

What would you do?

One of my sister's seminary teachers she had in high school has adopted. She was also in our same ward for a short time so I know her and we are friends on Facebook. We have FB messaged back and forth about adoption a few times. With everything going on with our adoption she sent me a massage and that she got a FB message from one of her kids birth moms out of the blue. I LOVE the way she has handled this!

Her adopted daughter is 16. She told her about the message, her daughter cried as she read it and looked at her birth mom's pictures. She then gave her daughter the option to respond or not, she decided not to.

I have to add, I HATE secrecy in adoption, it only builds a wedge between the secret holder and the adoptee! Weird to think that I too am adopted and I have felt that way about my grandparents for some of the BS they put me through! Sorry, totally random, but I wanted to share.

-all the details about our happening on my personal blog-

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