Saturday, August 14, 2010

Emma's Adoption Story Book

I've been brainstorming the past few days about making some sort of story book for Emma. I wanted something that she can grasp while she is little and help her understand the whole adoption thing.

I wanted something that would help her be familiar with words like Birth Mom and Adoption. I wanted her to know her birth mom's name and have pictures with her. I am also making her a scrapbook and I'm doing pages from before we got her! I also wanted to be able to includes things I wanted Emma to always remember/ know, like how much her birth mom loves her and about her matching blanket. So, I came up with this...

I used Photoshop, the pages are 5x7, white background and each page has a picture that corresponds with the text. The font I used was SF Angie. I still need to have the pages printed, then I'll laminate them and have it spiral bound. I'm making a copy for birth mom too!
I put a detail of what each picture looks like after the text.

1) Once upon a time there was a man and a woman (our engagement picture)

2) The man and woman loved each other very much and wanted to have a baby (us on our honeymoon when we decided to start trying for a baby, with a thought bubble with a newborn pic of Emma in it.)

3) But unable to have a baby of their own. The man and woman decided to become foster parents for other children (us with each of our previous foster kids)

4) One day the man and woman were asked to take care of a beautiful baby girl named J... (Emma the day we got her)

5) The man and woman loved J very, very much and wanted to keep her forever (our first picture of us with Emma, 10 days after we got her)

6) J's birth mom, Samantha, also loved her very, very much (Emma and her birth mom before we got her)

7) but Samantha knew that she could not take care of J as well as the man and woman (a picture of hubby and Emma and one of me and Emma)

8) Samantha wanted J to have the best life possible (birth mom and Emma at the final visit)

9) Samantha knew that it would be better if the man and woman adopted J and be her Mommy and Daddy forever (birth mom, Emma and I)

10) The new mommy made Samantha and J matching blankets to remind J how much Samantha loves her. (birth mom with her blanket and Emma sleeping with her blanket)

11) Samantha gave the new mommy the baby girl she had been waiting so long for (birth mom handing Emma to me)

12) The new mommy and daddy decided to name their baby girl, Emma Samantha (a pic of Emma from a few days ago)

13) And the new family lived Happily Forever After! The End (our newest family picture taken a few days ago.)

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Giorgianni said...

I LOVE this idea!! And the story is perfect!! I'm sure the birthmom will be really touched that you did something like this. I just might have to steal this idea from you when we get our forever baby! Thank you so much for sharing!