Friday, February 1, 2013

Foster Care Friday: A few of my favorite things...

I may not be a clean freak, but I love things being organized!

3 years ago our RFC was trying to get ahold us about a placement (Emma to be exact). He called my cell, but it wasn’t working. He came to our house, we didn’t answer. He went to my husband’s work but he was off so he left a message with his co-worker to get ahold of him. Word got back to us, but he hadn’t left his phone number. I went to his office, but it was closed. I was slightly in a panic, he has a placement for us, but I can NOT get ahold of him! My husband asks me, “What about your list of numbers?” Oh, how did I forget?? I have this amazing list of every single person with DCFS’s numbers, office numbers and cell phone numbers. (this was the first time we were asked to take Em, not the actual time we got her.)

(sorry it is all smudged out, but you get the idea!)

I love this because I don’t have to keep 50 different people’s business cards. And it has all the names and numbers in one place in case I need them. I hate storing tons of numbers on my phone, especially if I never call them. I usually just keep our caseworker’s # in my phone and that is it.

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