Monday, October 1, 2012

What would you want?

2 years ago, the month between Sam relinquishing and our final visit was torcher. I was so freaked out that I would not get any contact info on her, I wouldn’t be able to find her and by the time Emma was older she would be dead and would know nothing about her birth mom. Over the past two years I have not taken being in contact with her for granted. I have saved every letter, taken pictures of her with Em every time I see her, even if it was the day before.

Today she called me and told me she had bad news. She has Hepatitis C and is in liver failure. (along with being 5 months pregnant with a baby boy)

My mind raced back to two years ago when I feared by the time Emma had grown Sam would be gone. I think that fear made me treasure the time we did/ do spend together. I also kept thinking, is there anything else I want for Emma in case she does die? I have NO ideas… I have lots of pictures, letters from her to Emma, and info. But at the same time I’m freaked out I will miss something and Emma will grow up wishing I had!

And the other way around, Is there anything I want Sam to have or know?


chicks3 said...

what are the plans for Emma's brother? That will be an important part of her history.

Cindy said...

I would say you would want to keep any remaining ties to her family in case Emma someday wants to find out more about her birth family. Also, I don't mean to sound snarky or anything, but do you think it's as serious as she says it is or is this one of her ploys for attention? That is a lot on your shoulders trying to think of everything if it is too late so I definitely understand your concern.

April said...

You haven't said whether you believe this news of Sam's or not. Given her history of lying and creating drama, I imagine you have some doubts. Hep C is treatable, with positive results for young women. Signs of liver damage don't occur until 5-20 years after diagnosis, with scarring only occurring in 20% of patients. Perhaps she does have Hep C, but I would be doubtful about the liver failure. That said, it is never a bad a idea to be prepared for the loss of a birth parent.

Kay Maryland said...

Hi, I just read this blog for the first time today and must say you and your family have quickly worked into my heart! That is such bad news about Sam! I sure hope that she can survive this disease. I was wondering does she have parents? Or Grandparents? Maybe they could play a role in Emma's life?