Saturday, August 11, 2012

Can you get her a new birth date too??

Anyone have someone in their lives or families that are against your open adoption? How do you deal with them?
We have that special someone in our lives that is. We love this person, but their comments are escalating! It is NOT someone we can cut out of our lives either.

The other day they asked us, in a nice way, What happens if the birth parents decide they want Emma back? We explained, well, they can’t! Sam relinquished her parental rights in court, 2 years ago. The judge stressed to her that there was zero grace period for her to change her mind. Some states do have time for the birth parents to change their mind after they have signed the papers. Once we finalized the adoption in court, it’s irrevocable! We explained how Em got a new birth certificate and a new social security number. The person then asked, “Can you get her a new birth date too?! That way the birth family knows nothing!” SERIOUSLY???

We did keep our cool and try (for the hundredth time in the past 2 years) to explain how we LOVE our open adoption and are not threatened by the birth family! Wonder how they are going to take it when we have another open adoption with Braxdon?!

After we left I asked my husband, “Can’t this person put themselves in our shoes? Especially coming from someone who professes to have ‘struggled’ with infertility?” I say it like that because they are now expecting #3 after 2 Clomids and 15 months of trying total, for all 3 children put together!

We love our little Braxdon (Clyde) and we are thrilled to have another open adoption! We just have 2 family members who HATE open adoptions! :(

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