Friday, February 17, 2012

Placement #6

After a little MIA, I’m back!!!!
Yep, #6, holy cow! Can’t share details about the case, or name or age. He will be here by referred to as Chandler!

We got call on the Wednesday about a placement, which we decided to say no to. It was more then we can handle and it is better to say no then take on too much! They told me they had other cases we might be interested in. Chandlers was the next case. We thought about it, talked a lot and had the opportunity to go meet him. We went weren’t 100% sure, but other than Brad’s weird “rule” we had no reason to say no so we went with it. When I called to tell them Yes they informed me there was still some things to work out and we wouldn’t find out until later if he would be placed in our home.

Up until now, every time that has been said or happened the placement hasn’t come. So we were really un-sure about it. Wednesday I started getting ready. Brad kept saying, “So are you just set that we are getting Chandler?” My theory, it’s easier to un-prepare then not be ready if it does happen!

Sure enough about 24 hours later )maybe less) we got the green light that we could go pick him up. We had to finish getting ready and we picked him up. It was also a first that we had to go straight to the store to buy essential items he didn’t come with.

Emma adjusting: She was SO excited for him to come. She literally ran around the house saying, “Chandler’s coming!” up until we left to get him! I think bed time was the hardest. Emma was in a new bed, which was going to happen this week anyways! Brad didn’t want to traumatize Chandler by making him cry himself to sleep the first night. As long as someone was in his room, he was fine, but he wouldn’t fall asleep. Brad finally gave up and he cried for about 10 seconds and was fine. Emma loves playing with him! She tries to be his mom and tell him what to do!

This is also our first placement in 4 ½ years that was over 8 months old when we got them! So it is an adjustment for us having a little one with a mind of their own! He is doing really well though! At first trying to change his diaper was like trying to give a cat a bath! No joke. Emma has her routine for diaper changes and well, everything else. It’s hard going for a little one who we’ve had for 2 years and know and “have trained” to a new little one we don’t know and has been raised doing things other ways. Well, just a little while ago I asked Chandler if he needed a diaper change, he turned and ran out of the room. Grrrrr, great. I followed him down the hall thinking he was running away from me. Much to my surprise he ran over to the diaper changing spot and laid down!!! He has also picked up on a few other things how we do them! He got a treat after the diaper change and a hug and hold me “I love you.”

How are we adjusting: Well (knock on wood) it has been easier then I thought!!!

So far so good. I hope it is a good placement for us, only time will tell.
Are we hoping to adopt him? If it happens great, if not, oh well that is how it’s meant to be! It is a LOT easier to accept not adopting each placement now that we have

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