Saturday, January 7, 2012

When things dont go as planned...

Between my very active toddler and starting a new business I just don't have time to blog. I wish I did, I have stated a number of posts I haven't gotten around to.

After reading Mrs. R's post on not getting the baby they are planning on, I needed to take the time to blog.

Our situation was different, but the end result was similar. We didn't end up with the baby we were planning. Mrs R talks about the peace she felt about it. Ours didn't come as soon,  but it came. We have no negative or hard feelings towards Samantha.

9 months after the fact we are still getting negative comments about Samantha....It makes me so mad. I was the one she hurt and i'm over it so please no one else hold on to this grudge!

I know I have said things that have upset and offended people, which I never intended to be worded or said in that way.

The hardest part. First. Telling people. Second. The nursery and clothes.  I wanted it all packed up asap, but I wanted to keep everything for future use. I couldn't stand the thought of seeing other people using my stuff and reminding me of what I didn't get. My never ending problem, the negativity. Samantha has enough on her plate with trying to turn her life around, she doesn't need people telling me they don't agree with us forgiving her and continuing to have a relationship with her... We love her and still plan on doing foster care and hoping to adopt a few more little ones and that's all that matters to us.

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