Friday, February 24, 2012

Foster Care Friday: Record Keeping

We recently got an external hard drive for our computer. I’ve had the wonderful task of going through all our CD’s and up loading them onto the hard drive. As I’ve gone through all these CD’s with pictures and documents I found some I totally forgot about. I was notorious about typing up all the info and incidences that happened with Ben, Madison and Isaac! It was crazy going back and reading what I wrote.

I was a slacker with Emma and Joey. Well, I guess I did have a list of things going on with Emma for the first month. Things like when she had nightmares, when she had visits, how the visits went, how she acted afterwards, if mom didn’t show and so on.

With Chandler I’m recording everything. He had a weird rash like dry spot, who knows, on his hand, so I took a picture.
I made a list of areas of concern along with things he can do. When I sat down with the caseworker, even after I had made my list, he asked for concerns, my mind went blank…. What are they again? List and records come in really handy!

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4colorkings said...

Nice blog!

My wife and I are in the process of adopting 6 children all from foster care. We have 2 sets of siblings all under the age of 7. Thanks for sharing your life through this wonderful blog. We hope it helps many people through your posts. We will follow... My wife and I have also created a website from a supportive point of view for foster parents.
Good luck with everything!

Carlo & Heidi