Friday, September 30, 2011

Foster Fare Friday

We have never made contact with Will. At this point, I want to, but don’t want him to have our address and in his current situation that is the only possible contact. The weird thing is, I don’t know what Will knows about us or what has gone on with Emma. I do know that at least two of his siblings know Emma was placed for adoption and they have been great about it. Samantha tells me that Will knows, but I still wonder. Letters I found between them (Sam and Will) are, I’ll just said, Strange!

I have the Facebook account for Emma and I’m friends with all of Will’s family. I try to post an update every once in a while. I posted one yesterday and said that Emma wasn’t as into her dance class as much as she was last week because she was too distracted by the fact that daddy was there. Then Will’s mom commented, “You guys saw Will?” It makes me uneasy reading that. I thought they knew Emma was adopted. Or do they just assume that Will is and always will be “Daddy”. As far as I have been told, he has seen her a few times, but has never held her or even touched her. He’ll go back and forth between denying she’s his and then wanting to be in his daughter’s life. I commented and told Will’s mom, “No we didn’t see him. I was talking about her (adopted) dad, my husband.” I'll see if she says anything else.

Sometimes it is hard to find a healthy balance in adoption relationships, especially through foster care. I love LOVE our open adoption with Sam, but I also have to look out for the best interests of our daughter! I’ve also been too chicken to make contact with Ethan and Avery’s adoptive parents. I know, I need to suck it up and just write them!!!

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