Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Path to Parenthood

When faced with infertility (and sometimes people without fertility issues) the path to parenthood is different then most peoples.

Yesterday I taught Relief Society at church (along we with sunday school, thanks to my husband). The lessons (i had 2 in RS) where on eternal families and family responsiblity. My favorite quote from them was "President Boyd K. Packer praised woman who were unable to have children of their own yet sought to care for others. He said, When I speak of mothers, I speak not only of those woman who have borne children, but also of those who have fostered children born to others, and of the many woman who, without children of their own, have mothered the children of others." (Mothers, 1977, 8)

I know some people who are determined to pursue everything possible for a biological child. Others instantly feel adoption or foster care are the path they are to take. For Brad and I, the important part was that we became parents, we didn't care how.

Today I read this quote on the Utah Foster Care Foundations site by Amy B., "In the end, the way children enter into your family is not nearly as important as the fact that they do."

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