Thursday, July 14, 2011

I had a dream

I completely agree with the comment I got on my post about making contact with Emma's siblings. I think I just need to work up the courage to do it.
Last night I had a dream.... In my dream we contacted Ethan and Avery's parents. It turned out (in my dream this is) that they were told that we didn't want contact even though they did. We actually got together and the kids played.
Today, 2 unlikely events lead to yet another sign we need to at least try contacting them.
So my husband and I only have one car. Our other one was dying so we sold it and we're still saving for a new one. If I ever need the car Brad brings it to me during his lunch at 1. Last night he decided he was going to bring me the car so I could run errands. I told him, those can be done on Friday, his day off. But no, he wanted to brings it to me (which also means Emma and I can go swimming after her nap, yay) So not only that, but he was going to bring it at 10 instead of 1.
I was running my errands and last on my list was milk. I headed towards Store A. We go to Store A 95% of the time. Every time I've seen Ethan and Avery  it's at store A! Well as I was headed there something told me to go to store B... Weird, but okay. I like store B and it is closer, we go there like 5% of the time. I went in and was looking around. I eventually was headed for the milk and I passed an older guy. I didn't take much notice to him or his cart. After I passed him I noticed Emma staring at him. I turned around to see what she was staring at.... Ethan and Avery!
Of my gosh, Universe, I've got the hint! We are going to contact them!
When I told Brad he said, so you see them everywhere we go! Exactly my point, never saw them or their parents once in a year and all of a sudden almost 10 times in 2 months! It's getting kinda creepy actually!
So, we are working on it! Brad and I are going to figure out what to say and how to do it (mail, e-mail, facebook?). I'm excited and very very nervous!

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Leila- All Meant To Shine said...

:) Yay! I can't wait to hear about it!! Have a great week!