Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life Box

What is a life box?

It is this idea I've had for a while and I finally put it together!

I had Emma's life book, her baby book, a ziplock bag with cards in it and a ziplock bag with other important things in it scattered around Emma's room. Not really ideal for me.

Growing up I had 2 shoe boxes I kept stuff in. One and the other had important things to me or memories: movie ticket stubs, like things from girls camp and stuff like that.

So the other day I asked Brad to being me home a box just bigger than a shoe box. I just had to make it cute, I put scraps of paper on it and Brad topped it with heavy packing tape to keep it all together!

What's in Emma's box? Like I mentioned earlier, her life book and baby book. I made 4 little bags to go inside the box. One has cards from my baby shower and her first birthday. 2 bags are still empty and the other one is my favorite! It has: the bracelet she wore during the sealing and her blessing, the bow she also wore in those events (solid white at the sealing and then I added a pink ribbon to it that was from my blessing dress for her blessing!), one of the earrings she got her ears pierced in (she lost one a week after getting them done), a pacifier she came to us with, and the headband Sam brought to her at a visit which she was also wearing when Sam decided to place her for adoption!

I'm sure a lot more things will be added through the years! I love how it turned out.

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