Friday, July 1, 2011

Foster care friday: Lens

I recently attended a training that really opened my eyes. In this class we talked about the "Challenge Model" and looking at birth parents through certain lenses.

The first one we discussed was the "damage lens". How some people see parents who children are taken with distorted or negative views. Our list of words in that lens were:
Unfit, worthless, losers, scum bags, white trash, and irresponsible.

After that list was compiled the instructor talked about how we as foster parents need to change that negative/distorted/damaged lens and view parents through the "needs lens".

What do these birth parents need? Assistance, counseling, a support system, drug rehab, parenting classes, life style change. Once you look at these birth parents and see them as what they need it really changes things!

There is also the "resiliency/ strengths lens" and then the "challenge lens".

Not all parents with children in foster care are bad people. They have made mistakes and need help. It is amazing the difference you feel when you really look at these parents and see their needs and strengths instead if seeing them negatively!
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Penelope said...

Great post! Lil Bit's mom is mentally challenged and grew up in a bad environment. Had she just been in a normal home.