Thursday, June 30, 2011

Joey, the conclusion

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to make our DCFS office sound bad, they really are great!

Things were really all over the place with Joey's case. Not even Joey's case worker knew what was going on.

So Joey had his weekly visit. The case worker we had with Emma came to our house to get him, she was helping out Joey's worker. I asked her if she knew what was going on in the case. She said it might go to kinship today!

While he was gone I packed up his stuff. The relative getting him took him at the end of the visit so that was that.

I forgot how crazy the first month can be with a case. We had some similar issues with Emma, not knowing all info. But the next 6 months in Emma's case was so prefect I forgot about the craziness!

I do love our office. They do their best. Emma's case worker agreed with me that Emma's doctor office is the best with foster kids! I get why they prefer that I stick with the doctor the kid is seeing. If I do get another child that goes to that office I'm going to talk to our medical worker first so maybe I won't have the same problems!
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