Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I (heart) technology and social media!

One thing I've done that I love, with our open adoption, was made Emma her own Facebook page for her birth family.

Before now all her "friends" were family members I knew of: Sam's parents and siblings and Will's brother. The other day I got a friend request and a message from Emma's aunt, who I didn't even know existed! I confirmed the friend request and replied to her message asking if she was Will's sister and said I knew nothing about their side of the family.

I got another message from her today. She said she would be happy to answer any questions I have about the family. She also told me their mom, so Emms'a biological grandma, was adopted! How amazing is that?!

I'm hoping to get to know Will's side of the family more. We still have not made any contact with him. We've thought about it, just haven't yet.

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