Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I really do love foster care...

Foster care can have it's moments of being frustrating and I'm having one of those days.

Joey recently had a doctors appointment. I love the doctor we take Emma to, they are amazing when it comes to the foster care situation. Of course Joey goes to a different doctor... Needless to say I got tired of saying, "he's in foster care".

When I called to make the appointment I told them he was in foster care, they didn't seem to care. When I checked in they stated asking their usual patient questions and I had to remind her, he's in foster care. The nurse called us back, then started asking family medical history questions, he's in foster care, I'm not his mom! So she asked me my husband and I's history and put that on his file! Really?! I get if he was adopted and we didn't know the birth parents info, but putting in the foster parents info? I'm sure it will greatly impact his life that the foster mom he had for 3 weeks of his life was 5 feet tall! Things weren't a whole lot better with the doctor either.

We've been totally out of the loop on Joey's case too, which is the most frustrating! We happened to drive by the courthouse and see Joey's parents there. Apparently they had court and no one notified us before or after. When I asked for Joey's "home to home binder" the caseworker told me he didn't know when I'd get it. I asked how much warning I'll get when he's being moved, none. Sweet, so do I have his stuff packed and ready to go today, tomorrow, or next week? Sigh, I remind myself that it's not always this bad. And I still love foster care, I really do. 

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Julie said...

The more and more I read about foster situatios in other states I begin to be grateful for what its like here in AZ. We definately are treated with respect and people listen. It does not always mean my input on permanency matters. But all medical/education suggestions I make happen.

I also am able to take my foster kids to the same pediatrician I take my kids. Which is NOT even in our small town. It's not even in our county. I love my pediatrician and I love it even more that no parents can come with me. I have the right to say no and I say no.

I hate the no notice thing. I've had that happen too but I convinced the person to at least give me 24 hours... maybe you could try guilt? hehe Good luck and hope that it isn't too much time before your next little foster placement arrives.