Sunday, June 5, 2011

Looking back's been nearly 2 months now. Really, that long? Saturday I ran into Sam's PO, who told me she wasn't pregnant.

At times I have felt like an idiot for believing her. I had in the past been e-mailed by 2 or 3 scammers. Ones that were clear as day that I didn't believe for a second. I read others stories about getting scammed. I should of known better.

It didn't matter what Samantha did, I believed her. After reading someones blog I finally was able to look back and see things as they were (signs she wasn't pregnant). This brave blogger is a recovering scammer. She makes me think of Sam (not in a bad way).

I need to add that I've forgiven Sam and I still love and care about her very much.

Signs in our a adoption scam:

1) She put off making a doctors appointment. She said she was waiting to get her medical card.

2) She didn't show for meeting with the attorney with us.

3) Missed, rescheduled and changed plans on doctors appointments.
Her first appointment she rescheduled last minute. She had her best friends funeral that day, which was the truth.
Next she "slept in".
Then she rescheduled because she was out of town.
Lastly, an hour before the appointment she told me she didn't want me to go.
For an ultrasound she didn't show because she "didn't feel good".

4) Counseling: Late one night we texted about her anxiety about the adoption. I mentioned counseling, she said maybe. After taking to her more about it, she changed to No way! And  I am very pro-counseling, it's I wonderful thing!

5) All talk, no show: She said she was going to throw me a baby shower, never happened.
She said she had pregnancy pictures done, but never showed me.

Nothing added up:
6) Ultrasound pics- One month into it I had a weird feeling. She'd tell me she had ultrasound pictures, but never showed me. Then she said she didn't have any pics yet. A few hours later she said the cd of pictures was in her friends car.
Another time she unexpectedly had an ultrasound and texted me the pic saying it was from that day, but the date and location on the picture was wrong.

7) She had an amnio done at 10 weeks and had the results a few days later. After looking into it, not possible.

8) Her premature labor: she didn't tell me until the next morning and was home from the hospital. She said she didn't want to bother me during the night and said she was then on strict bed rest. That night I got her dinner and dessert, when I called her to let her know I was coming over (she know I would be) she was out with her boy friend. 

There were other things I left out too.

I was too afraid I was going to push for too much and offend her.

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O'Melly said...

Sorry you had to go through that, it must have been so emotionally draining.