Monday, June 6, 2011

PCOS and hair loss

Anyone else with PCOS experience bouts of major hair loss? Is it just me, or is it PCOS related?

It doesn't bother me that my luscious locks are falling out. I have super thick hair and honestly I can stand to get rid of some.

What bugs me about it is my phobia! You see hair that is wet and not attached to my head freaks me out! Why? Growing up we watched Unsolved Mysteries a lot. I'll never forget a case they did, a young woman was found dead and the only identifying thing on her was a ring made out of hair. Thus started my phobia of hair! At first it was all hair not attached to the head, now its just wet hair not attached. My sister once made a ring out of hair just to torment me! I absolutely hate these times my hair falls out by the handful, especially since it always happens in the shower!

I've had people tell me if I comb/ brush my hair in the shower it won't happen. I always do that and yet every once in a while it's horrible.

Just another reason to hate PCOS!

Sorry if this picture is gross... This was just part from 1 shower!


Gracelyn said...

I have wondered this too! I have PCOS and my hair has always fallen out in the shower (it's curly, and I have a lot of it) but lately it's falling out in huuuuuuuge, giant clumps. If I brushed my hair in the shower, I'd have like a softball sized clump. Hrmmm...maybe I'll ask my Doc! :)

Quackenbaby-CQ said...

Yes, I loose hair, especially when showering, but I clean my hairbrush about every other day. I also have VERY thick hair though, so you'd never even know!

Megan said...

My hair used to fall out when I was taking the drug Depakote to treat my migraines. I lost a lot of hair! My neurologist told me to take Selenium supplements for the hair loss, and that seemed to help. Is it possible Selenium would help with PCOS hair loss? I don't know.

Ashley said...

You hair falls out in clumps anyways if you wear a lot of pony tails (like I do) although hair loss is part of the delights of having PCOS.

I hate it too.

And a ring out of human hair?!?!?