Thursday, April 21, 2011

Still is J. B.

2 months post adoption finalization Brad and I asked our attorney about Emma's birth certificate. He said it used to be 6 weeks like clockwork, but they have been taking longer and longer and he told us to wait a while longer and it should come.

I don't remember how long after that I finally called vital records. They said they had NO paperwork to order the new birth certificate!

I went to the attorney's office that day. They claimed they put in their paperwork and the fee, but apparently the court didn't! They contacted the court and they then sent in their end of it.

A few weeks, maybe a month later we got a letter from vital records saying they needed additional info and the fee. They sent a copy of our letter to our attorney. I assumed they would handle it...

4 month post finalization, Brad calls the attorney to cancel all stuff going on with the baby's adoption. He also asked about Em's birth certificate. They said it was all done and we should receive it in the following week!

That was almost 6 weeks ago... I called vital records, again! They said, attorney still hasn't sent in our non-identifying medical info or the fee! Are ya kidding me?

So Emma will remain J. B. longer... I know, she really is Emma, but we still don't have an Emma birth certificate!!!

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