Saturday, April 30, 2011


Tonight my husband told me (personally, not in general), "The more aroused you are the more likely you are to get pregnant!" Uh, Say what Honey?

I told him, A) I'm NOT ovulating and B) if I was ovulating it is not going to increase our chances at all! If I got no egg to fertilize then how is me being aroused going to help us any??? Ha ha ha, sometimes he really does believe Infertility Myths! Like, Adopt and you'll get pregnant! He seriously thinks at least 1/2 of all couples who adopt end up getting pregnant and naturally at that! Just because it is so common in the media! (ie: The King of Queens and Did you Hear About the Morgan's) One day when he brought it up I asked him, Name one person you know personally that happened to? Brad, "My cousin!" Me, "NO, she did fertility and got pregnant, doesn't count!"

Ahh, I love him, but sometimes all I can do is laugh (or roll my eyes)!

Another funny tidbit of info... Don't ask why because I don't know, but every time we are around our caseworker we had with Emma, Brad and I start disagreeing about something! And it's always something dumb or little, like what day of the week we last talked to Sam! Me: "We talked to Sam last Wednesday." Brad: "No, it was Thursday." Me: "No I remember it was Wednesday because this other things happened." Brad: "No it wasn't! It was on Thursday!" Really, does it matter, no, but every time we're around Caseworker it happens!!!

I just remembered another "myth" I've been told- Get drunk! I don't drink and I'm pretty sure alcoholic doesn't not produce eggs or super sperm! I really was told to get drunk! "You'll relax more and haven't you heard of all the girls that get drunk at prom and end up pregnant!"

Another fun one: It's natures way of telling you you aren't meant to be a mom.
Would you ever go up to someone with terminal cancer and tell them, That's natures way of telling you to die at 38-years-old! Uh no...

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