Saturday, April 9, 2011

It's official...

I don't like progesterone! Or Glucophage! Or having PCOS! I'm still rooting for a hysterectomy!

I've had so many people tell me, none of which have been through my PCOS, I don't want that, that it would make me feel worse... I currently have to take 3 pills a day, that make me nauseous. Then for 10 out of 25 days I have to take 2 more pills that make me gag and then give me cramps! Then I get to endure 5 blissful days of Heavy bleeding (along with horrible cramps) where I feel like I'm going to die and I remind myself, I get to go through this again in 25 days!!!! Yay!

I am enduring the progesterone for as long as I have a prescription, I'm on month 2 of 4. Once I go to my doctor again I'm requesting something else! I loved Provera, but she (Dr. Midwife) thought I would do better on progesterone. I'm not, I'm miserable here!

Someone I know was having similar problems with their cycles as me. They didn't have PCOS, but just horrible, uncontrollable cycles. No one in this flippin town would give her a hysterectomy. She has 4 kids and is done, but no, we live in Utah so being voluntarily barren is unspeakable! She moved out of state and told me her doctor didn't even hesitate to do a hysterectomy. I told Brad, that's it we're moving out of Utah just to get that done!

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Larks Nest said...

PCOS is a horrid disease. I am counting the months to my hysterectomy!