Monday, April 11, 2011

Some random thoughts:

Ever since Thursday (the one year mark since Emma came into our home) I have though a lot about her and how much joy she had brought into our lives. I couldn’t imagine not having her. Then an interesting thing happened at church…

Back when we got Emma we had our CPS worker for a few weeks, but when he removed Emma from where she was at and brought her to us there was another CPS working with him, “Brother M”. As it turns our Brother M is a High Councilmen in our stake! I’ve seen Brother M at our ward building a few times, but never had a chance to talk to him. Then today he was at our ward, sitting right behind us. Throughout Sacrament meeting Emma would look back at him and smile and wave hi. I kept thinking, she had no idea that that man helped bring her into our home! After Sacrament meeting Brother M started talking to us, not realizing who we were. Then I mentioned to him that he brought her to our house! We talked about how things turned out with the case and how well she is doing. Emma has a thing for men so she reached out and wanted him to hold her. He happily picked her up. We went off to Sunday School and Brother M sat next to us. There were a few times that Emma went over to him and wanted to sit on his lap. As I looked over and saw Emma sitting on Brother M’s lap it almost made me cry. He brought her to our house! He was there when I saw her for the first time.

There were a lot of people involved on Emma’s case and all of which I have been grateful for. It was just ironic that as we celebrated her one year of being with us we got to see and be around this CPS worker that brought Emma to us.

Tonight as Brad and I went to bed, obviously I can’t sleep, we started talking about Sam and Will. I’m tired of people telling me what to do about Samantha. “Cut her off, never have contact with her again!” is not advise I am taking. Brad has agreed with me 100% about how I feel about everything. Tonight he kept saying, “Sam isn’t a bad person, she just makes really bad decisions!” it to totally true. It is just hard because only I know her the way I know her and know everything and feel the way I do, so I can’t expect others who think she is scum to feel like I do!

Then we got on the subject of Will. We have never met him, have never had any contact with him, nothing! I have thought about contacting him (via mail) for a while. I’ve been on the fence about it. As Brad and I talked he agreed that maybe we should contact Will and maybe get to know him better for Emma. I’m not going to run out and write him right this second, but it will be a work in progress.

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Quackenbaby-CQ said...

We had a training about the family engagement model (openness between families/professionals) and the trainer said something that rang so true with me.

We can not choose when other people change. Change happens in our own time. We might be looking at our watch while they're looking at their calendar.

He also said another quote that I have heard before but needed to hear again, "People DO NOT plan to fail...people FAIL TO PLAN!"

I think that is where you're at with Sam... and I hope someday soon that her moment of change comes, and she can be a healthy person in your lives.