Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Visit

Last night I was feeling pretty drained. At the same time if Sam ever calls or texts me and wants to come over, I can't tell her no. It's not that I can't stand up for myself, it just that I love spending time with her, even if she flakes out 90% of the time.

This morning she texted me early and said she had a surprise for Emma and I and asked if she could come over. A little while later she said she'd be over in an hour. Sometimes I feel more confident that she's actually gonna show or feel more sure she's gonna flake. Today I felt pretty good that she was actually gonna come. She texted me about 30 to 40 minutes later that she was on her way. In the past week I have gotten 'on my way' text numerous times when she hasn't even come over, so I still wasn't sure. My dog needed to go outside and go to the bathroom so I was out front when she pulled in! Yay!!!

Not only did she come over, but she brought Emma presents and me a very touching (made me cry) letter! She didn't stay long, but I also got more info I wanted for Emma's Life Book! Double Yay! Plus, Emma LOVES the toy Sam got her!

Sam asked me, "Day after tomorrow, are you getting excited?" I had to think for a minute. Last month I was counting down the second until Sam's doctor's appointment. To be honest, I'm not excited because I'm too afraid either she won't show up or she doesn't even have an appointment. I guess I'll get excited once Sam and I are in the doctors office and going in to a room! It makes me more nervous that she's lying because she can't remember what time the appointment is at. Although she said she might need a ride.... We'll see I guess.

She said she's going to come over later and asked if I can get her. I prefer me picking her up when she wants to come over, because we have only had 1 time that she has flaked out that way! Vs. when she's driving over she flakes out a LOT.

Brad has been VERY impressed with how mature and responsible Sam has been. I have been too. We didn't know how things were going to go with this particular thing (which I have mentioned, but someone told me it was "baby selling" which there is NO way it can be, but I still I un-mentioned it), but it has been very good!

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