Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Books Review

I got 3 books from the Lending Library.

I Wished For You: My favorite out of the three. A mother tells her son the story about how she wished for a baby and he was her wish come true. Definitely one I'd read to my kids!

Adoption Stories for Young Children: This isn't want I expected, it was kind of cheesy. There was a picture on the left page and then a few sentences on the right. It was about a boy who's baby-sitter was pregnant. Then his neighbors can't have kids. Surprise, the baby sitter gave the neighbors her baby. Then he talks about all his friends who are adopted and he adopts a lizard that lost his mom and dad. It was okay, butI'm not sure if I'd really read it to my kids much.

Benjamin Bear Gets a New Family: This was a cute story dealing with foster care and adoption. It's more in depth and like a short novel. I would of read it to Isaac, IF we were going to be adopting him. It goes straight from they leave their birth family to oh he's being adopted with nothing in between. But if I were adoption a child through foster care that was about 6 to 10, I'd read this to them.

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