Monday, February 14, 2011

Have I mentioned I love this relationship?

Samantha has her moments that she really drives me crazy, but all in all, I love her and I love our relationship. Yesterday she didn't respond to my texts. I wondered why and checked the county arrests like a million times. I texted this morning telling her Happy Valentines Day and that I loved her. No response. I started thinking, because it was not like her at all, maybe her phone broke or something was going on. I was going to text her friend later in the day if I never heard from her.

Meanwhile, I have had a horrible day! The climax of which was when I spilt wax all over my shirt, pants, carpet and a shoe (that I wasn't even wearing at the time). I stripped my shirt off and jumped online to see how to get the wax out. I was sitting on my couch looking online (still topless) and there was a knock at the door. I ran to my room and threw on my pajama shirt. The person at the door then rang the door bell. I finally get to the door, open it and it is SAMANTHA! I went and put on an actual shirt and she told me that the other day her and her boyfriend got into an argument which is why she didn't come over and she ended up leaving her phone at his place. So she still doesn't have her phone. She knew that I would be worrying because she didn't show up and hasn't texted me so she just came over!

I was finally able to give her her birthday present! I have her the "brag book" first, she loved it! One of the last pages is the picture I recently took of her and Emma. She saw the picture and kept going on and on about how much she loved that picture. I told her I'm glad she loves it because, I handed her the framed 5x7 of it!

My husband came home for lunch and I needed to take him back to work and Sam needed to take her friend back to school, but she said she'll come back over when she's done. We'll see. Ha ha ha. I just put Emma down for a nap so I have nothing else to do and nowhere else to go. If she's not over when Emma wakes up then we're (Emma and I) going to rent a movie for tonight.

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