Wednesday, February 9, 2011

One of those Days...

I was convinced that the city attorney was gonna throw out my ticket so I was really bummed when I got my new court date in the mail! Dang, back to fighting it I guess.

After checking the mail I went off to vital records to see about Emma's birth certificate. They told me I needed to call another office. I called them and they told me it hasn't been ordered or paid for. I felt annoyed with our attorney's office because from the sounds of it, they didn't send in the stuff. I needed to ask our attorney a few questions about Payson anyway's so instead of calling I just went in there. They told me that they did send in the stuff for Emma's birth certificate, but if the court hasn't sent in their forms then it doesn't show the attorney's paperwork and fees as processed. They will call the court and see what's going on.

I asked them if we needed to do anything before Payson came, she said not until we're 2 to 3 weeks away. Uh, we're 3 weeks and 2 days away! So she is starting to write up the Petition to Adopt! I can't believe we're getting so close! Sam also wants to relinquish at the hospital, if possible. She is moving right after Payson's born so she wants all the legal stuff done ASAP.

Just after I got home our Resource Family Consultant/ Post Adoptive Caseworker called me. He said he's heard a rumor that we're adopting through another agency. I explained the situation. He then asked if we're going to keep our file open or if we're done with kids. Nope, not done. We are keeping our file open, but it will be another year before we take anymore kids.

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