Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Talking to Sam puts a smile on my face

I love that Emma's birth mom has become such a good friend. She has made her mistakes and still has her problems, but it still amazes me how much has gone on in the past year. 1 year ago on the 19th we found out Emma existed. This is what our nursery looked like on her 3 month birthday-

We didn't get her then and I often wondered IF this mom who took off with her baby ever came around again, we would get this same baby girl? It gave me chills when I found out that it was the same baby girl!

To be honest, like most foster parents, I didn't have much respect for her when I first met her. It wasn't until she decided to relinquish that I had a greater respect for her. It is astonishing how our relationship has transformed. Every time we text each other I can't help but smile. I love that I have someone (aside from my husband) to share all the cute and crazy things that Emma does with. I know family and friends would get tired of all the stories and honestly wouldn't care that Emma is obsessed with her stuffed monkey I got her at the $1 store for Valentines, BUT Sam cares and can't hear enough things about Emma. I love being able to share our daughter together!

She says she's coming over tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath. I love it when she comes over, but she is also know to flake out.

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