Saturday, January 8, 2011

I (Heart) My Birth Mother

Emma wore her 'I heart my birth mother' bow today. Not only was S going to come visit, but she was going to baby-sit Emma! Yes, big, Giant step in our open adoption... How did it go? Other then the pre- watching almost flake out, it was good!

I know "S" is laid back and she wouldn't mind if I used her name or put up pictures, but I wanted to ask her before I ever did and I kept forgetting.

Samantha/ Sam watching Emma went well! Will I ever leave Emma with Samantha again? Yes, but I still fear she will flake out last minute. For picture she kept saying, "Oh, I'm fat!" I had to laugh, "No, You're Pregnant!" I want to get some good belly shots once we're closer. She is 6 months tomorrow. It seems like she's further along then 6 months.

I get to go with Sam to her doctor's appointment on Monday. Can I just tell you how flippin excited I am to go?!?! I know I have Emma, who I love with all my heart, I wouldn't love her more if I gave birth to her. But, the infertile in me is SO excited that I get to be there, at the doctor's office for a pregnancy visit and I get to see an ultrasound and see my son for the first time EVER! Sam said they will most likely do the C-Section in the end of March.

Today, the whole reason why I left Emma with Samantha, I had court! I got pulled over in October, got a ticket and I'm pleading Not Guilty, so it went to court to fight it. I was there for over an hour before the city attorney talked to me about it. After I told him what happened and showed him pictures of the intersection he decided it needed further investigation before either he threw it out or we went before a judge. As I was leaving he said if it goes to court again it will be in March and asked if that will work. I told him I have a baby I'm adoption that is coming in March! (totally weird to say!) He said his wife is due in March too!

Aside from being excited to see baby, I can't wait to have the set C-Section date! I'm a planner/ organizer and I want to know when to plan on his arrival. FYI, totally loving the planned C Section! I'd go crazy if I didn't know what day she'd go into labor.

I had to get my husband at work and then we went home. Sam stayed for about half an hour longer. It's always fun to talk and hang out with her. Yesterday when she wanted to hang out before watching Emma she told me, It's not weird at all I enjoy your company.

Monday after her doctor's appointment we're going to do dinner together. I mentioned maybe we can do dinner on a regular basis, like once a week or every other week or something. I try to keep the visits and such up to Samantha. She loves seeing Emma, but it is hard for her sometimes. She also said she'd baby-sit any time!

Oh and while Sam was over she found out that our new neighbors (we live in a 4-plex, so they are right next to us) are the ones that called Child Protective Services on her and got Emma removed! Great, all I need is them to call CPS on us because we let Sam baby-sit Emma!


Lauren said...

I gotta say, it takes strong women to be able to do the arrangement you have. I'm really impressed and in awe that you're making it work. What a lucky girl Emma is, and Payson will be a lucky boy!

☆ Melissa ☆ said...

Oh WOW, I am a new follower of your blog and this is the first post I read. It seems strange to me that you leave your beautiful baby girl with her birth mother. I could never do that so full credit to you for having both trust and faith in doing so.

Do you ever feel like she will ever want the kids back? I mean are both your babies any blood to you?

I just don't understand!

I guess you get this question all the time but I find your post interesting.

Please reply although I might find the answer out if I go back in time on your blog anyway!

Your new follower and mate

☆ Melissa ☆ said...
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