Friday, January 7, 2011

Adoption Costs

We have been asked numerous times why we are not using an agency for baby's adoption. The cost is our #1 reason. Also I personally think that working with an agency, the biggest reason why you work with them is to be matched with birth parents and we did that ourselves.

Whether working with an agency or doing a private adoption there is always the risk of the birth mom changing her mind. Going private you do have to do more of the legal work yourself because normally the agency does it for you.

I have also been asked if we are going through Foster Care for baby's adoption. Although we have thought about it and talked to our former caseworker about it, we have decided not to. We weighed the pros and cons and we were not willing to risk the cons. The biggest one, they might decided NOT to place the baby in our home! Yep, not willing to risk that just so he can have Medicaid until he's 18!

Our costs:
If we were to go through LDS Family Services the adoption would cost between $4,000 up to $7,000. How their pricing works is, it is 10% of you're annual income, with a minimum of $4,000. Then you also need to have an additional $3,000 just in case there are other expenses with the birth mom.

Our adoption through Foster Care: $833, which was also reimbursed to us, so free.

Baby's private adoption, we are using our same attorney from our Foster Care adoption, $1,250.

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