Thursday, January 6, 2011

That's what ya get...

I love Emma's birth mom to death, but she's flaky, BAD. I knew this before we even relinquished. She missed about 1/3 of all her visit through DCFS. She almost missed her relinquishment because she was 1 1/2 hours late. She missed 2 "closure visits", she changed the plans of one of our visits last minute. Just this week alone she was over an hour later to a visit at our house and was a no show for meeting with the attorney. But, I still love her and I keep trying.

On Saturday I asked her if she was busy on Thursday, Nope no plans. I asked if she wanted to watch Emma at 2:30. She was thrilled and of course said yes. Yesterday she said she wanted to come hang out over here before she needed to watch Emma, so we agreed on 12. 12:15 rolls around and she still isn't here. I text her asking if she's coming, "Yes, but I have to take the car back by 2:30." I wanted to flip out, screaming at her that she's agreed to watch her daughter at 2:30 and this was her one chance to actually get un-supervised visits and the future chance to baby-sit again. But, I kept my cool (via text) and suggested that I can pick her up or something. She says she has to give her "little sister" a ride to school (FYI, she doesn't have a little sister) and asks what time she needs to be here. At this point I'm fuming, you have got to be kidding me, she can't flake out on watching Emma last minute, how on earth am I supposed to find a baby-sitter with 2 hours notice! Finally she tells me I can pick her up around 2.....

Amidst all of this, I hung up Emma's curtains in her new room and they were totally crooked! Our dog is in heat and thinks she needs to pee every 30 seconds so she was whinnying at the door. Someone opened the dryer (we have community washer and dryers) and stopped it, left the door open and our clothes are still wet! FYI, I just want to scream right now!!!!!

I still love you Samantha and I'm excited to see you, just kinda stressed right now!

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