Sunday, December 19, 2010

Well, I had this entire blog post written that I never got around to post and then it ended up being no big deal! Phew!

With my husband old job we were barely making ends meet. We didn't tell anyone until last week and we finally mentioned to my in-law something that went on back in October. I guess it all started 1 1/2 years ago when we met with the Regional Adoption Committee "RAC" to get approved to adopt before placements. They mentioned to us that our finances were a little tight and they were worried, but still approved us. We had our fingers crossed that Brad would get promoted, which never happened. Just before our caseworker met with RAC she too warned us that we might get denied with adopting Emma! She told me which week she was going to RAC, but not what day or time which I am thankful for because then I couldn't stress about it. She just called me when it was over to tell me we were approved. When we relayed the fact that things were so tight we almost didn't get to adopt Emma to Brad's parents I burst into tears in post-stress of the situation. Anyway's, a few weeks ago my husband lost his job. However, he got an even better one that same day which he never would of gotten had he not of lost his job! Now, I have NO idea why I'm blogging about this, but it just came out. Oh yeah, now I remember how I got to that. Ha ha, we canceled our Internet to cut back on unnecessary expenses so I don't get to blog very much.

So we are up at Brad's sister's for a few days and I have unlimited Internet, Yay! Yesterday while I was surfing some sites I always look at I got an awesome idea for a gift for Sam. Considering Christmas is less then a week away I've decided it will be a birthday present. I'm not going to say what it is in case she reads this. I'm just excited to start working on and it should be relatively inexpensive!

I'm such a nice mom and pawned Emma off with her dad. She took a super late nap, but it was also long enough. Her aunt fed her a good dinner, I changed her bum and she was still fussy. Brad has 2 weeks off work so I think I should get just a few hours to "play" online since he isn't working!

Ugg, I hear fussing and her cousin's trying to stop it. So much for my, dad take care of her, idea!!!

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