Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Gift for Birth Parents

I was going to wait until I actually gave Sam her gift, but unfortunately I don't get to see her before Christmas! :(

I'm being hounded to go join family for a card game so I'll make this fast. This is what I made/ got Sam for Christmas. I am making our family matching Christmas stocking so I had to make Sam a matching one too!
There is:
Her stocking
Emma's first Birthday announcement that was in the news paper.
A CD of pictures (not pictured)
A few pictures of Emma we had professionally taken.
A framed 8X10 picture
Her adoption announcement picture.
Her matching Christmas ornament
A picture collage I made for her from Emma's birthday/ our sealing day.

This is Sam's and Emma and baby's stockings. Sam has her name on it and I'm still working on the kids names.

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