Thursday, November 11, 2010

Still sinking in...

My parents came over this morning to pick up their dog before they left town. We're going down there for our sealing in 1 week! My mom told us that we needed to let her baby-sat while we went out on a date. At first I was thinking, how do I tell my own mom she can't baby-sit.... Oh wait, She can!

I've been a "mom" for 13 months total, all of which were as a foster mom. As a foster parent there are a LOT of rules. Not that they're bad, it just a lot of different things. A few that were hard for us: 1) You need permission to go out of state. We visit my parents a lot and we used to have spur of the moment trips down there, but obviously can't do that when you need to get either parental permission or court permission. 2) The child can only be baby-sat by someone who is either a foster parent or has been DCFS background checked. Thankfully a few months after we got Emma my close friend got re-certified to do foster care and she was able to baby-sit Emma every time I needed someone. But I had a few friends and my cousin all wanting to watch her too and they couldn't! 3)You can't post pictures of the foster child online. I'm just such a picture person and love to blog and Facebook so it's been hard to not post pictures of her. But all and all, it has been so worth it and I plan on doing it all over again!

So my mom is excited that she can finally watch Emma for us! Now it only makes me a little nervous because my mom is 74 years old and not in the best health, but now she can legally baby-sit Emma.


Ashley said...

I'm so happy for you! This is so wonderful!

Savannah said...

Yay for sealing day. Court date seems so small, its just legalities because Emma has been your since the day she entered your home. Next week will be the most awesome day for your family.