Saturday, November 13, 2010

Spending time with Emma's birth mom

Saturday I went to visit with Emma's birth mom! Man, I love that girl! It has been so amazing what our relationship has become! She was way excited that I got Emma's ears pierced. When I was debating on if I wanted to pierce them or wait one of the factors I took into effect is that I knew her birth mom really wanted them done and we had discussed me getting them pierced on more then one occasion!

Emma was being so cute and funny while we were visiting! S and I talked about her plans with the placement of the baby. Sam's baby bump is showing too! Emma turns 1 in a week and Sam can't make it to her party so we were talking about it. I told her that I was worried because I'm making Emma's cake and I suck at that! Her response, "Ha ha ha, I love you!" I can't count how many times she said that as we talked! I told her how I had made and Emma wore her "I heart adoption" bow to court, she loved it! It was so great to talk to her. She told me how Emma and I visiting her made her days. I can't wait until we get to spend more time with her!

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