Saturday, November 27, 2010

Emma's Birthday

Because Emma's birthday party was also a celebration of her adoption, it was twice as amazing! We got sealed for Time and all Eternity on her birthday! It was an amazing experience.

I really wished that Samantha would of been able to celebrate with us, but unfortunately it was impossible for her to be there. I thought a lot about her all day. On Wednesday Emma learned how to blow kisses. So I tried to get a picture of her blowing kisses to Sam. She would not do it, but what she did do was even cuter! Well, for our sealing open house/ Emma's birthday party I wanted to incorporate the adoption. I put out Emma's adoption story book and a framed pictures of Brad, Emma and I 10 days after we got her and a framed pictures of S, Emma and I. Emma got a hold of the picture of Samantha, Emma and I and she carried it around giving it kisses!!! Cutest thing ever!

Sam told me to take LOTS of pictures and well, it's me, the picture fanatic, so I did! Her sealing, blessing and birthday party were all wonderful events. I still wish Sam had been able to celebrate with us.

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