Thursday, November 25, 2010


I don't know about other adoptive families, but I occasionally wonder how my family members really feel about our situation. I know some don't like how open I am with Sam. This past weekend as I was talking to my sister-in-law she asked how we came up with the baby's name. I told her the story about how I came up with it and added how nice it is that Sam loves the name too! Later this same SIL asked about piercing Emma's ears. I don't know if I've blog about this before but, I really went back and forth about it. At our final DCFS visit Sam told me, "You should pierce her ears!" She has mentioned to me a few other times about her desire to have Emma's ear pierced. I kept going back and forth about it, I want to then I wouldn't be sure. So when I finally decided I took into effect Samantha's desire to have them pierced.

As I told my sister-in-law that she told me how amazing she thought it was that I care about Sam's feelings and opinions. Now, I don't let Sam decide on everything we do with the kids, but her opionon does matter to us. My SIL went on about how great she thought our relationship was. I love hearing things like that!

For our sealing I asked my aunt if she would do our pictures, of course she said yes! Monday on our way home we stopped and got the CD of pictures from her. They look amazing! I'll put some up eventually. Tuesday morning I noticed on Facebook that she had a link to her blog post with some of our pictures, so I went to her blog to see. As I read her little story she wrote about us I started crying, it was beautiful. "Once upon a time, a young couple fell in love. They fell so in love, they decided to marry. The girl was lovely, the young man handsome. To each other, they made promises they would keep forever. They were married, and began a wonderful life together. The girl made a wonderful home, the boy worked to take care of her and proved worthy of her love. They decided they wanted to have a family, cute little ones they could cuddle and cossett. Maybe a little girl full of sugar and spice to dress up or a boy to play rough and tumble on the lawn. But it was not to be. They were heart broken. What to do? Thus begins the wonderful second chapter of this love story... They adopted. Into their home, came a wonderful treasure. A little baby to cuddle and call their own."

At the very end, "And thank you Samantha, for a treasured gift to us all..."

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