Saturday, November 27, 2010

Another visit

I guess the up side of Sam being where she is, is that I can have regular visits with her. I realized today just how much I enjoy them! Sometime it is a little crazy, Emma will fuss or she'll grab the phone and then scream when I take it away so I can talk, but it is always worth it. I told her about Emma's party and our sealing. She told me that she's been going to church and just recently they were talking about sealing's and doing baptisms for the dead. She said she doesn't get it all, but she's very excited we got sealed.

We talked about the baby of course! We are both anxious for Sam to get out. (Hopefully 3 1/2 more weeks) She told me how excited she is to take me to her doctors appointments. She wants to throw me a baby shower too!

Emma's biological father is back in town. We live in a small town so I worry a little. Brad reminded me, there is NOTHING he can do. We've finalized, we're sealed, he can't come after Emma. I guess it is still sinking in that we're done. I worry a little about him trying to kidnap her. I'm not opposed to meeting him someday, but from what Sam has told me, he is extremely emotionally unstable!

Sam always makes me feel like a good mom. Let me clarify, it not because she is a bad mom so I feel like a good one. She is just always complimenting me on how Emma's dressed and the things that Emma is learning and so on.

At the end Emma blew her kisses. That's one of Em's new things she does!

Well, I need to work on some Christmas crafts while Emma is asleep!

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