Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Do You Foster?

Another Adoption and Foster Care blog that I read asked that question, Why do you do foster care? And what are your fears in doing foster care.

It got me thinking and I wanted to share my feelings.
I'll admit, my #1 reason is/ was to adopt! BUT, another huge reason I love doing foster care is I come from an abusive home. It's different when it's just verbal, mental and spiritual because DCFS isn't going to see any bruises or going to take you away if you know what I mean. But as a teenager I longed to be able to help others out there that were hurting like me and I knew as an adult I really wanted to pursue that! So here I am! I LOVE it!! I told my husband, now that we're adopting 2 I want to just take placements that won't go to adoption because I want to help, but not ready to permanently add more!

Our families have had all the fear for us. I really don't have any. I've been through the whole, get attached and fall in love and then have to give them to someone else. It was hard, I shed a LOT of tears, but like all pains and heartaches, it lessens with time. You have to move on with your life and not dwell on the negative past. Others are worried that I'll get my heart broken, but I'm not!

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