Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hit Home

My husband and I's entertainment revolves around Netflix! We get it instantly on our Wii, we don't watch TV at all, just DVD's and Netflix. We had certain shows we will watch the complete series or whatever they have available. Our currant show is Monk. The last episode we watch tonight was "Mr. Monk and the Kid". A few thoughts and feelings as I watched it:
  • I HATE how the media sometimes portrays foster parents. Although these ones did turn out to be horrible, still we're not all bad!
  • Mr. Monk just getting "Tommy", no classes, no background check, no home study, Never would happen! Heck, I can't even take my kid to a sitter that hasn't been DCFS background checked!

By the end of the show my husband and I were both thinking about Emma and how hard it would be to "give her back" now. When Monk gave Tommy over to the couple I was seriously crying! I'm so excited to keep doing foster care and I think it will be easier now that I will have a child of my own. I've also been there with Ben and it was so hard, but still worth it and you move on with your life.

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