Friday, August 27, 2010

What to do...

So yesterday, if you missed, I announced we're adopting #2. I know what mixed feelings you that are still childless might have. Feel free to cry and be angry, I totally get it cuz I would too!

I can't keep secrets, I totally suck at it. I'm also VERY excited for #2. It's totally different going from adopting through foster care and now having a private adoption and getting baby at birth!!!! I'm thrilled to death about this. However, I've found that no one else seems to be excited for us! My friend said maybe if I had waited until she was further along people might be more excited... It just frustrates me that I feel alone in my excitement!

Yes, baby and Emma will be 16 1/2 months apart, they will be a LOT closer in age then I ever planed. BUT I've waited so long for this, Going from no kids to 2 is such an incredible blessing!


Giorgianni said...

Congratulations!! That's such a blessing! I'm sorry you feel alone in your excitement. I share in your feelings. I often feel the same way with us adopting through foster care...seems no one is really excited for us. Maybe because they don't know how long it'll take or because they don't believe it'll actually happen...who knows. Anyways...major congrats! I pray everything goes smoothly!

QuackenBaby said...

I am very happy for you. I was planning to adopt my sister's baby when she got pregnant w/ #4, then she miscarried. I think it is hard to be excited early on for outsiders. I was excited, but I didn't share the news with many people because I knew 9 months was a long time.

Your situation is much different than mine was though!