Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rearing Children

When I was little my favorite movie was 101 Dalmatians. Thus, I wanted 101 kids! Yes, seriously I really did! Throughout my life I have wanted between 6 to 8 kids and eventually settles on 7. Hubby however, when we got married, wanted about 3. We celebrated our 6th anniversary foster parents of 1, now we will be celebrating our 7th as adoptive parents of 2! Oh what a year it will be and we're still 9 months away! Our babies adoptions will be about 1 year apart! (yay) I'm really, really hoping for another girl. Sorry, I'm getting WAY side tracked.... I just was looking at another article for a fellow infertile-ite. In it she mentioned her patriarchal blessing, it flashed me to mine....

I always feared I would have trouble getting pregnant. I guess my gut just knew and was trying to prepare me. I got my patriarchal blessing a week before my 15th birthday. As I have read it over and over again in the past 10+ years (man I now feel old!) The line about "rearing" children stuck out to me! I would rear children, not have, not give birth to them, I would raise them. I knew it, I just knew it. Now here I am, anxiously awaiting baby#2. Awaiting to find out the sex, awaiting to figure out more details and awaiting this little ones arrival (via scheduled C-Section, April 1). I'm gonna REAR children!

And yes, I am still hopeful of adding oh, 5 more. Hubby is trying to get me to count our 3 previous foster kids...nope, sorry.

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