Friday, July 2, 2010

Adoption Scam

I got this E-mail awhile ago and forgot to post it. It was obvious to me that it was a scam, but just an FYI about this-

from lucas phan
Here, I have a fourteen-year-old child: black hair, yellow skin, Asian origin. The child's family is from a poor family. And they are not eligible for this child care. They hope there will be a better family care for this child. If you are interested on the child. Just send me a message and tell me what you think. Hopefully, I can hear from you.╘µÇα§

I got a second message from him when I didn't respond, but I just deleted it.

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QuackenBaby said...

LOL... you'd think a scammer would know that a 14 yr old isn't nearly as appealing as like a 1-3 yr old!