Sunday, July 25, 2010


Let me backtrack a few days... Wednesday we had our final visit with Emma's birth mom. Like I keep saying, it was Amazing! We swapped info, I gave her, her gifts, she loved them, we took pictures. The last few pictures our caseworker took she only took with my camera. She had been taking pictures with her camera as well. She asked me if I could e-mail our birth mom the pictures, sure. Thursday night I e-mailed them to Emma's birth mom and wasn't sure what to expect. Well, the next morning I had the most beautiful e-mail from her. We became friends on Myspace. I don't use my Myspace account, but I'm getting back into it just to stay in touch with her. Friday and Saturday I ended up IM with her on there. I have really enjoyed chatting with her and getting to know her better. She has explained to me WHY she missed visits and why it took her so long to do our final visit.

We didn't even think about the fact that our Myspace relationship might be too open. She has uploaded all the pictures I gave her of Emma, including pics of the three of us and the fact that we are friends. Well, Emma's birth dads brother started putting two and two together and figured out that I am Emma's (soon to be) adoptive mom and contacted me! It was out of the blue. The birth father is in jail, isn't in the picture at all. There was a message on our birth mom's wall from birth dad's brother saying he just got sentenced to 5 years. I was shocked that night when I received a message from Emma's birth father's brother! He seemed nice, but I was still leery. Our birth mom happened to come online a little while later, so I asked her what she knew of him and sent her the message I got from the dad's brother. At first she told me to ignore them, then she told me he was a good guy, she also said they are trying to get to Emma so be careful what I tell them. At this point I'm super nervous about saying anything at all to this guy. I've decided that I'm not going to say a word to him before I talk to our caseworker! Our birth mom has been amazing about it. She changed her Myspace profile to private and made her pictures private and is doing all she can to keep our identity from the birth father's family.

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