Monday, February 8, 2010

Detecting Red Flags Part 2

(Site here) Listed are areas of concern. They may or may not pertain to every situation, however they are red flags to consider.

Expectant Parent(s)
  • Asks for money to be sent to them due to a crisis.
  • Request a plane ticket or bus ticket so she can travel to your home and await delivery.
  • Refuses counseling or to talk to your adoption professional.
  • Refuses to consult with your attorney or agency.
  • Refuses to name birth dad.
  • Refuses to tell family or friends.
  • Refuses to sign a medical release over to you or your adoption professional.
  • Does not ask you questions about you, your home, or your family.
  • States, “you are the family” with in the first contact.
  • Seems to be dealing with one crisis after another. Much drama in her life.
  • Is being kicked out of home, homeless shelter and needs money wired immediately.
  • Keeps changing due date.
  • Sends you ultrasound without a name on it or other verifying information.
  • Insist on being the one who does the contacting.
  • Refuses to give you or your adoption professional her/his contact information.
  • Will only have contact with you over the net.
  • Constantly needs money.
  • Knows too much about adoption and how it works.
  • Refuses or has a lot of excuses as to why she/he cannot utilize resources within their community.
  • Does not tell her doctor about the adoption plan.

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