Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Detecting Red Flags Part 3

(site here) Listed are areas of concern. They may or may not pertain to every situation, however they are red flags to consider.

Prospective Adoptive Parent(s)
  • They make demands instead of requests.
  • Have no homestudy.Ask the adoptive couple who their homestudy was completed by. You call or have your attorney call to validate this information before you proceed to far into an adoption plan.
  • Story changes in regards to what type of adoption they are looking for and how much contact they want after the baby is born
  • Extremely desperate and says or does anything they can in order to get the expectant mom to match with them.
  • Pressures you, belittles you, is disrespectful, or they have no concept of boundaries.
  • Does not support counseling for the expectant mom. (some states require mandatory counseling).
  • Tries to circumvent the laws or disregards expectant mom and dad's rights.
  • Wants to put one of their names on the orginal birth certificate.
  • Sends references to you but does not allow you to contact them.
  • If you are being promised an open adoption but you are not allowed to have their physical address or home phone number.

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