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Another e-mail-

I am convinced this is a scam! Their wording is too off and it doesn't feel right.

My Dear,
I know how you feel and do understand clearly your desires. Focus is on the child if you have enough space to bring her up in your family. Things do happen on the Internet and I was just being scared of not meeting with the right person to propose what I have for them. I wanted to get some assurance and commitment from your end before making things clear. The pictures I sent are of the baby Jessica and not Flora. From what the evangelist told me, the child was born of a little girl who died after giving birth to the baby. She was a girl friend to an American Volunteer who was her boyfriend and later left without knowing she was pregnant and Pastor Ebube had to take care of the poor girl till she finally gave birth to Jessica Flora and died in his hands. Efforts to get to the volunteer was to no avail and the social services there gave Pastor Ebube full custody rights over the child. Things have not been moving on pretty well in his community and taking care of the poor child is more expensive for him now, so he asked us to help adopt the baby but we were not ready for it now. So I opted to search for a family and finally you came and I am so happy to talk this out with you. Pastor is not asking you any dime to pay for the adoption of the baby because he is not the one doing the adoption. All he wants to do is to know that you have accepted to receive the baby in your family so that while he is travelling to Ohio to visit his church community member he may first drop in your family with the baby and you sign the few legal custody documents you will need before he moves to Ohio.

Before we move ahead, you know that I just recently adopted and I am not the birthmother of the child I have been talking to you about ok. The people (attorney and friend Evangelist Ebube) who assisted me during my adoption process asked me to adopt this second child Adela Jessica (30weeks old), but my husband said we cannot adopt now because of our financial limitations. So I told my friend the Evangelist who is keeping the child now that I will look for a family for the babygirl Adela Jessica. It is by chance that I came and contacted you and you were available to adopt a baby.
The thing is my DH Tom, my baby Flora and I have traveled to Montreal, Canada to show our new baby to my Granny so give me your phone number and I will make time and call you. I am Andrea from Sullivan, New york. I know how you feel and I have been through this route too once in life ok. My husband & I did not have any children before we went for adoption....unless you count the 4 legged kind which then you could say we had 5...3 dogs & 2 cats. We had been on our journey to bring a child into our family for about 8 years.....we spent a couple of years doing infertility treatments then decided that adoption was our road to happiness. Well Tom and I just adopted a baby from Central Africa though. We worked with an attorney recommended to us by the US and Canadian embassy. Let me tell you my story so that you understand why I am ready to do this for a child.
When we started the adoption process before we met our baby Flora, we thought it will be a very difficult and why not impossible thing to happen to us but we were proven wrong at the end since everything came to pass and we had our baby girl home. We were lucky one day that we went for a retreat session and decided to share our sorrow with the Northern Light Church of Christ community members and our pastor told us that he had a friend visiting the community from Central Africa who could help us because he was working on building an orphanage for homeless children. We later on met with this Evangelist, Ebube Godlove. He was so nice to us and while we spoke at length and expressed to him our hearts desire, he spoke to us about numerous orphans that are in his community in Central Africa and that his reason for coming to the US was to meet with christians to demand for assistance for him to build an orphanage and give the orphans a chance to live a better life. You can view more about him on his website by clicking on this link AFRICAN ORPHANS MISSION WORK(www.africanorphansmission.tk).
We then went on to find out if we could adopt an infant from his country and he said it was quite possible but he had little or no information about the legal procedures. So we contacted his country's embassy and they referenced us an attorney,Ashu Mpame who did a great job making our dreams come true. My husband took it as a challenge and told me we will take a trial and hope God be our light. Since then, Evangelist Ebube has been our adviser on the upbringing of our baby girl Flora.
We then proposed to travel to Central Africa with him and pay his flight back to Africa. He took care of us and was a wonderful person throughout our stay in Bangue and we don't regret any second we spent in Central Africa. We had to go through two court sessions and a final Court Judgment to finally obtain the Adoption Certificate awarded to us since Evangelist Ebube and the attorney insisted on legal procedures. Before we realized it in less than a month, Flora was already at home. I can't put in words the joy and happiness that was in my whole family the day they all came to receive us at the airport. It was a wonderful experience and I thank God for all He has done to my family giving me this very playful little loving rose who has filled my home with happiness and joy. I don't have pictures right here in my computer since i am at my granny's place and not in the US. I will ask my sister who is in my house to send me our pictures throughout our process in Africa so that you can have a taste of our miracle experience or we will send you any thing we can get from here.
The baby Jessica will be brought to the US and then you will take care of the adoption with your lawyer over there in the US. It suffices for you to talk things out with Evangelist Ebube and he will explain to you what to do and when to bring the baby to the US.
I must confess to you that Evangelist Ebube is God sent. We were scared from the beginning because we had gone through an international adoption in Ukraine which came out to be too expensive for we spent upto $20,000 and finally we had to drop it somewhere during the process because of too much complications and heartbreaks. My husband is the most happiest person now with Flora and he is showering her with lots of smiles, hugs and kisses. I can't thank God enough for the gift of a child in my family. If you don't have a child you will know what i mean when i say this. I am ready to give this princess everything I have, for this very child has kissed away the pains, tears and troubles I was always having in my home with my desperate dad-to-be husband.
If you are really interested in adopting a baby and want your dream to come true, I will propose you to contact Evangelist Ebube and the recommended attorney Mr Ashu Mpame ( majestylawhouse@gmail.com or visit his website www.majestyattorneys.co.cc) about the procedure of adopting the baby girl Jessica into your family and I am sure you will have a solution through them before you even imagine it. At the end of everything when i calculated my expenses till baby Flora reached my home in New York, I was on $5,800.00 including my expenses for telephone calls, transport to/fro Africa and others. I know it won't cost you upto what i spent since in my situation I adopted the child in Central Africa whereas you will have to just sign adoption papers to adopt the child in the US when the Pastor comes to your family with your baby Jessica.
To give you some piece of advice, I will like you to know that the most difficult part I faced was to compile my paperwork and i discovered that adoption was not that complex in Central Africa since the High Court decisions were focused mostly on the child's well-being. Once my paperwork was put together, everything started moving so fast that I could not control again. Working with Barrister Ashu Mpame, you have to be very prompt or on time in providing all he needs during the process so that he can respect the time frame of less than one month. Then What else can I say apart from wishing you Good luck and God's Blessing in your pursue of your happiness. Do contact the pastor at ebubechurchofchrist@live.com or call him at 0023733069255 and ask about the babygirl Adela Jessica for adoption and if there is any help they can give you in completing your family. He will surely be coming to your place before moving later on to Ohio. Before I get to them, I do have a few questions I will want to know about your family before we can move forward. hope you don't mind responding!

- What is your religion and have you ever been into drugs, alcohol or something?
- Have you tried surrogacy before?
- Can you send me pictures of your family?
- Can you give me your full address and telephone number to call you?

Waiting to read from you.....

Stay Blessed

Andrea, Tom and Flora
2nd floor
214 Sullivan St.
New york, NY 10012

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Anonymous said...

Regarding Andrea, Tom and Flora. This is indeed a scam. They've been around for awhile and
we just got an email late last night. We prompty forwarded it to our adoption coordinator and she quickly replied confirmed that they've been doing this for awhile.