Monday, September 28, 2009

?, scam or real

So I just got an e-mail from a girl and I was wondering if anyone else has gotten this e-mail, if you know if it's a scam or not. Any ways, this is the e-mail. let me know what you think.

"Hi, Are you still interested in adopting a baby into your family? I am looking for a family to adopt baby and give her unconditional love and a home which i wasn't able to give her because of my present situation. Please do contact me so that we can talk more on this issue since it is always easy for me to frequently check my mails on my Iphone.
God Bless-- Andrea, Tom and Flora"

- Update-
I got an almost instant reply and after reading that my gut says scam! This is what the next e-mail said-

I am so delighted to read your email for I was getting to this not knowing that I could talk to someone like you. The babygirl to be adopted on the attached pictures is with a friend and I want to help him connect to a family that will adopt her. Let me tell you my experience. Adoption is a path I have gone through with many heartbreaks too but I kept my spirit and my belief high despite the tears on my eyes. I have worked for the foster system and have done a lot of research. I know so many people are out to take advantage of both potential adoptive parents and birthmoms; that left me sad and a little jaded. I am proud to have finally adopted a babygirl, Flora into my family. She is a little angel in my life that presently, i can't live without. We first of all went through several agencies and finally got dubbed by one which we don't want to disclose here and they ate my husband's $20,000 without us having the child from Ukraine which they matched us with. I cried my tears dry and since I knew that if we don't have a child it is going to play so much on my husband since it was my fault if we could not make children, I went on searching till we finally had Flora in our arms. Everybody in my family is showering Flora with gifts and lots of love especially my husband. It is nice to know that you have been visioning adoption in your family. I also thought I could do it easily with same private adoption with a birthmother but after being dubbed by a BM who decided to choose a different family during the process of adoption, we dived into International adoption. It was never easy also here but we finally adopted Flora and that has made us to forget about the difficulties we went through. If you were to adopt, will you prefer an open or closed adoption? It is always good to know that you have family and friends supporting you through out the adoption process for it makes the load lighter on you. Tell me more about your reasons for wanting to adopt? How far have you gone with your placement in your agency? Have you been matched already? Please kindly do respond to me so that we can talk more on this issue. May be I can help guide you to my friend who has been a blessing to my family since I knew him. I am looking for a family full of love like mine to adopt baby Jessica(30weeks old). I have been able to adopt a baby through these friends and will want you to benefit from their assistance too since presently, we don't have the financial means to take another child as my DH, Tom says. The good thing is that Pastor will be traveling to the US and will have to bring the baby to your family so that you can follow up your adoption procedures while the child is in your home. Waiting to read from you...

-Okay, I'm lost. Who is this "baby", who's is it and Where is it at?


Savannah said...

Sounds like a Nigerian scam to me because of the way things are worded. I haven't gotten this one, but it is so similar to others I have. Follow your gut/heart/soul. When I get scams I always respond back that we are working with LDSFS and I can get them in contact with their nearest office. Since this is our first adoption we need LDSFS to hold our hands the ENTIRE way. If they won't work with them it's probably a scam. I word it a little nicer but that is the gist of it. Good luck

JnA said...

go with your gut, but yea hit sounds like a scam. You can also google the e-mail address a lot of times.

I report them because it bothers me that I get scam emails.